I'm sorry to tell you that Stargazer's Delight 6.3 will be the last version.
Sadly, I stopped developing the software. I had no time for it. The Mac OS is evolving so fast, I couldn`t keep the pace...

Stargazer's Delight depends on the software Rosetta which was part of the Mac OS. But apple pulled the plug and removed Rosetta in Lion and therefore
Stargazer doesn't run in OS X 10.7 and later anymore.
The only solution to run Stargazer is to use a separate partition on your hard-disk and install 10.6.x (Snow Leopoard) on it and boot from there.

Version ƒ 6.3 June 2005:

This is a maintenance update.
- Adapted the program for wide-screen displays (especially the Star Atlas now fits the screens).
- The program now starts correctly from a settings file.
- Fixed a bug in "Telescope field of view". Real numbers are now handled correctly.
- Fixed a bug in "Length of Day". The edit fields for S/N and E/W were mixed up.
- Fixed a bug in the "Location and Date" dialog.
- Fixed a number of small issues and made some adjustments for compatibility with new versions of Mac OS X.

Version ƒ 6.2 April 2003:

- New interface for most of the windows and dialogs. Better OS X and Aqua compatibility.
- Lots of small improvements like a new table in 'Magnitude limits', calculations of the local time in 'Date and Location', new OS X icons, custom telescope views and many more.
- Fixed a crashing bug in 'Set Date' in 'Ecliptic Positions of Planets'.
- Fixed a bug that would not draw star names and other labels correctly under OS X Jaguar
- Fixed a lot of minor issues and incompatibilities.

Version ƒ 6.1.1 October 2002:

- Fixed a bug that would not draw the stars correctly on some graphics cards in some Macs under
- Fixed a number of small bugs and (mostly cosmetic) incompatibilities with OS X 10.2.

Version ƒ 6.1 July 2002:

- A new Extra: The moons of Jupiter. See the positions of the four Galilean Moons in an animated view!
- New 'live update' feature. Let the program redraw the view as time passes.
- 2 small printing issues fixed.
- Fixed a bug that drew some windows too wide on some monitors.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes closed the 'set date' dialog window too early.

Version ƒ 6.0.2 Mai 2002:

- Fixed a bug in the feature 'Load Data'.
- New sounds in better quality and some new graphics.

Version ƒ 6.0.1 April 2002:

Fixed a bug in the feature 'save location'.

Version ƒ 6.0 April 2002:

The version for OS X is finally out!

- Full support for OS X and its Aqua interface.

- Thorough code revision with countless improvements and enhancements all around.

Version ƒ 5.1.1 January 2002:

- Custom locations are now stored in the Preferences folder in the System folder and therefore won't be lost in a future program update.
- Custom locations may now contain metacharacters (such as brackets).
- Bug fixed in 'Telescope view'.
- Bug fixed in 'Signs of the zodiac (astrology)'.
- Bugs fixed in the star list in 'Star search'.
- Bug fixed in the display of the planets.

Version ƒ 5.1 November 2001:

- New 76-page User's Guide!
- Holding the cursor over a bright star shows its name.
- Stars can now be shown during the day or twilight (stars already (or still) visible are drawn white, others black).
- User defined locations can be added to the pop-up menu 'location.'
- Improved graphics for the Sun and the horizon.
- Some minor improvements (in Star Search, Length of Day and other areas).
- Many bug fixes (among others, the transit and the angular distance of two objects are now calculated properly)

Version ƒ 5.0.2 March 2001:

• Fixed a bug I introduced in v. 5.0 that would not show the stars when printing.

Version ƒ 5.0.1 Dec 2000:

• Fixed a bug that prevented Stargazer's Delight from running when the Internet
Config. Extension was not installed.

Version ƒ 5.0 Dec 2000:

• This version features whole new star databases. Stargazer's Delight can now
show you all the stars up to magnitude 10. (That's over 260,000 stars, a big
improvement compared to 2,500 in version 4.6.2!)
• Stars can be displayed according to the zoom factor. (This means only the
bright stars will appear in a large field of view, and as you zoom in, more stars
show up). More data is also available for each star, including spectral type,
SAO Number, etc.
• In addition to the huge star database, there are a few small improvements.
(Such as the ability to control-click on stars to get information, instead of
having to close the data window.)
• Various bugs and issues are fixed, including:
- The centering on certain constellations was corrected.
- A bug in the pop-up menus of the Search Star window was fixed.
- The magnitude display was improved.
- Stars near the poles were made to consistently appear.

Version ƒ 4.6.2 July 2000:

This version included only minor updates:
• Fixed a bug that could, in rare cases, cause the registration to fail.
• Fixed a bug I introduced in version 4.6, which would sometimes draw the
planets as small crosses instead of symbols.
Plus two small enhancements especially for users in Australia:
• Daylight savings are now read from the Apple control panel.
• Time zones are no longer restricted to whole numbers.

Version ƒ 4.6 June 2000:

• New and greatly improved algorithms for the calculation of the positions of
the Sun, the Moon and planets. The accuracy of the positions (right angle and
declination) is now within 1 and about 5 seconds of arc!
• The code is now native PowerPC code. This means the program runs up to 30
times faster (necessary for new and lengthy calculations, and for a huge star
database coming soon). (There's still a version available for users of older 68k
• Enhanced animation features (such as Sidereal Day option, etc.).
• And as always, many small (to medium) bugs fixed.

for earlier version see the 'Stargazer User's Guide'