See the night sky from any location on Earth at any given time.

Zoom in and out, display or hide stars, constellations, deep sky objects, planets, constellation boundaries and so on. Animate the sky and see the stars wander about the sky, see the twilight and the sun rising.

Display all stars up to magnitude 10 (more than 260,000 stars):

Display the names of the stars, their apparent magnitude or distance in light years.

Click on any object and get information about it.

Track the planets as they move throughout days and years between the stars and watch them make loops sometimes!

for instance Mercury:

or Pluto:

Check to see if it was the moon that made your dog howl all night long...

See how nice it is in Helsinki in late summer when days are long and compare it to Cape Hoorn (that has winter at the same time). Pity the people there who have so few hours of sunshine. But then press the animation button and ....

Take a ride in the sky and look from above on our solar system. See which planets are in opposition to the sun at the moment and which ones are behind it (and thus invisible for us on Earth).
Animate it and see Mercury run and Pluto dawdle...

Read all about solar eclipses. There's even an animated tutorial on this subject:

Even the astrologic signs can be displayed:

See on which parts on Earth it is night or day, and animate this picture :

Have a look at the rest of the many more features including splendid pictures of all planets and even a few animated tutorials on selected astronomical themes.
There's so much to explore, you'll spend many hours in front of your computer. Don't forget to look out your window and see the real stars at night...!

Clear skies !

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