only for Mac OS X up to 10.6.8!!

It does NOT run on Mac OS 10.7. (Lion) and higher!


(4.4 Mb)

(4.3 Mb)
This demo is fully functional, but the sky is displayed only for a few selected locations and shows only the brightest stars. If you register you'll get a key to unlock the program and enjoy it in its full glory with over 260,000 stars!

The stars are split into 3 databases. The above download link contains only the first database.

No 1 contains all the bright stars (about 8,000)
No 2 all the stars up to mag 8.5 (about 80,000)
No 3 all the stars up to mag 10.0 (about 180,000).

You can load only one or two, the more you load the more RAM and processor power you need.

(The second and third database will only load if the program is registered.)

(1.7 Mb)

(2.2 Mb)

(1.7 Mb)

(2.2 Mb)
All the files are in stuffed format (.sit), but some browsers may download it with a ".pl" ending. Start StuffIt Expander (or another expander program) and decompress the file.